20 July 2006

Rise in muggings


The last year has seen an 8% increase in reported muggings in England & Wales. With faith in the police declining, the underlying rise may well be greater.

Is anyone surprised when crime figures rise? These days it is fashionable to attribute it to a breakdown in "social cohesion". With the implication that we ought to have more intervention by society (i.e. the state), and more indoctrination in schools to convey communitarian values.

This is how a mediocracy turns its own defects into reasons for turning the mediocratic screws even tighter. (An example of what I call a mediocratic inversion.)

Crime is prevented partly by the existence of penalties, but also by a society promoting an ethos which respects rather than denigrates bourgeois concepts such as "individual" and "property".

Even criminals (actual or potential) have some inhibition against doing things which society frowns upon. If the cultural elite expresses more disapproval of inequality than of assault, the consequences are predictable.