16 August 2006

French pop song satirises the liberal elite

According to Charles Bremner's Times blog, French radio is playing the latest single by pop star Renaud entitled "Les Bobos", bobo being slang for "bourgeois Bohemian". The song takes the mickey out of the French bourgeois left, with their penchant for driving 4x4s, wearing Diesel and Kenzo, and otherwise living the champagne socialist lifestyle.

Good for the French that they have someone brave enough to satirise the liberal elite. Most of the leftist intelligentsia are relatively protected from the consequences of the interventions they support, and belong to the class that they affect to despise.

Wouldn't it be nice if a British pop musician could do the same with our own champagne socialists. Unfortunately, all our pop musicians seem to be fully paid up leftists who wouldn't dream of undermining the anti-bourgeois cause. Those who benefited from "privileged" backgrounds, such as Coldplay's Chris Martin, shout their anti-capitalist slogans even harder than the rest.