24 November 2006

The 'New Conservatives': what are they up to?

The Cameroons have endorsed compulsory youth schemes, wealth redistribution, and now Polly Toynbee. What is going on?

Here is one possible interpretation, taken from a comment on the Samizdata site. I offer it without comment or endorsement.

At little while ago I read an article that argued Cameron was deliberately annoying traditional Conservatives. His aim, it was said, was to provoke them into attacking him publicly, whereupon the so-called "Middle Ground" floating voters would have proof that he really was different from the still-reviled Tories. Nothing he could say, it was claimed, would convince the floating voter as much as the opprobrium of Redwood, Tebbit et al.

I found this article fairly persuasive at the time, and events since have only made it seem more so to me. So I have stuck by a simple resolution: to say nothing, decry nothing, but quietly to vote UKIP.

Posted by Mary Contrary at November 24, 2006 12:16 AM
I wonder if this is true, or if the reality is more mundane.