05 December 2006

The Turner Prize: a small victory for anti-mediocracy

Further to my earlier post about the Turner Prize, I'm happy to see that — contrary to expectations — Tomma Abts has won.

A small victory for the visually appealing over the ideologically fashionable.

Anyone else out there who was rooting for her?

(Picture is Emo, courtesy Gallery Greengrassi)


Mr Zip said...

As a painter myself, I *had* to root for her. But I liked her work anyway. She also came across as a sincere person, free of the usual self-important artspeak. She even kept a straight face when the Channel 4 interviewer asked how she knew "when a painting was finished."

lumen said...

Yes mr zip, an over-excited Jon Snow couldn’t quite believe that there were no gimmicks here. Understated, like her art, Tomma Abts rather flummoxed the presenter. ‘What! no irony?’