01 February 2007

Nanny state? More like Nazi state

I urge anyone reading this to look at this article in today's Daily Mail, detailing yet another entry in the catalogue of horrors under the rubric of "child protection".

What we urgently need is a Policeman's Blog for the social services sector, to lift the lid on the rottenness behind the veneer of local government upstart busybodies who smash up people's lives. Or is there one already?

I claim exemption from Godwin's Law on grounds of alliteration.


Mr Anonymous said...

Nonce state?

Interesting: Those social workers came armed with a diagnostic term - Munchausen's syndrome.

Fabian Tassano said...

Give them a label and they'll start using it ad lib to pathologise people. E.g. depression, autism, ADHD.

I propose a new label for a condition which I think should be sectionable: interventophilia = the pathological need to meddle.

james higham said...

Yes, it's needed but who would spill the beans?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Job justification

Fabian Tassano said...

If you mean, once they've appointed a new "child protection" officer, he/she is bound to find additional "cases", I agree. Same goes for all the other Nanny-Nazi officials which New Labour has created.