06 February 2007


Here are three articles/issues which struck me as being of particular interest following a quick tour of my local blogosphere just now.

1) Tom Paine on philosophy professor A C Grayling, with a reply by Grayling and a response from Tom. Interesting debate, raising the question of whether or not Grayling is a worthy defender of civil liberties.

2) Wat Tyler at The Fisk on BBC Radio4 fisking the Stern Report. According to climate change expert Professor Richard Tol, "there is a whole range of very basic economics mistakes [in Stern's report] that somebody who claims to be a Professor of Economics simply should not make."

3) The Independent's Johann Hari last week made the absurd suggestion that we should bring back conscription, one justification apparently being to make the army more socially representative. (Reminiscent of the currently trendy leftist idea that, where government initiatives are failing to achieve aimed-for 'fairness', we should switch to enforcing the desired results through compulsion — see here for example.) Quite a few people have commented on this, but I quite like this take from Conservative Party Reptile.

Update: Late addition, an excellent and amusing posting about climate change sceptics at Samizdata.

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