31 March 2007

Citizen journalism my foot


Making a difference. Challenging the political establishment. Representing the views of ordinary people vis-à-vis a cynical exploitative elite.

So which issue has excited significant interest in the UK blogosphere this week?
— whether 17-year olds should be deprived of their liberty?
— the fact that children are to undergo “regular compulsory checks to discover if they are at risk of turning into criminals”?

No, Guido’s supposedly disappointing performance on Newsnight.

Nuff said.

(Though not a huge fan of Guido, I don’t myself think he acquitted himself too badly, given he was facing two hostile heavyweight members of the media establishment. Unless and until you can get up there and do better, I suggest you avoid bitching.)


Ian Appleby said...

Isn't part of the point that Staines is clearly gagging to be accepted as part of this Westminster cabal? He was going on about getting a lobby pass for a while.

Mostly, though, I think your parenthesis answers your own question: the vast majority of us have the good sense not to want to try a similar stunt. Unless he was in shadows simply so viewers could not see the gun at his back... Now, what was Not Saussure telling us about epicaricacy?

Oh, and Fabian, surely you're not implying that there is a particular way we should be blogging..?

Fabian Tassano said...

"surely you're not implying that there is a particular way we should be blogging?"

Wouldn't dream of it, Ian. Just trying to challenge preconceptions and provoke thought. As per usual.