11 April 2007

The strange world of googling

I monitor referrals to this blog via MyBlogLog, in case anyone has said anything kind about me on their site, so I can rush over and confirm their opinion in the comments section. Or not.

But sometimes I wonder about the reliability about the stats. I am also regularly amazed about what Google searches lead here.

According to yesterday's data, three visitors came to the site via the following Google search:

The bourgeois, however, is tolerant. His love of people as they are stems from his hatred of what they might be.
Fascinating and thought-provoking. I wonder whether it's original, although it sounds like the kind of thing Marcuse might have said. Googling it myself, I find I come second in the ranking. First in the list is a page from Jihadwatch about Professor Bernard Lewis — the Middle East expert whose criticisms of Islam tend to arouse the ire of pro-Palestine writers such as the late Edward Said.

Curiouser and curiouser.


Mitchell said...

Adorno, "Minima Moralia", end of section 4. The English wording varies according to the translation - "bourgeois" sometimes becomes "bourgeoisie", and the object of hatred is also rendered as "the truly human" or "rightful human beings". (I have learnt all this only after some googling of my own; all these variations are present on the web.)

It would be of interest to see the net-addresses from which these searches were made. If they all came from the same address, I'd say it was one person who conducted one search, but then opened the link to your blog three separate times, perhaps closing it and then returning to it. If the searches came from multiple locations, more complex hypotheses are necessary.

Fabian Tassano said...

Thanks Mitchell. Following up, wiki.de has the original as:

"Der B├╝rger aber ist tolerant. Seine Liebe zu den Leuten, wie sie sind, entspringt dem Hass gegen den richtigen Menschen."

"der richtige Mensch" = "the (ideologically) correct man/woman"?

james higham said...

I swear by MyBlogLog now - it's just made it all so much easier. As fopr the stats and google referrals, I'm as puzzled as you.