09 April 2007

The top 5 overrated movies of all time

1) The Sound of Music (groan)

2) GoodFellas (not clever, not funny, just violent)

3) Reservoir Dogs (ditto)

4) Dr Strangelove (tedious and overblown)

5) La Dolce Vita (ditto)


Paul said...

Yeah, there was that point (in the early nineties I think) where we were all supposed to agree that the height of wit was the juxtaposition of over-the-top violence with workaday whimsy about pop music, fast food and so forth. I never actually bought into the fad (probably not the right word: the genre seems to have endured), and as a consequence started to wonder whether I was "normal" --- I felt as though I had some peculiar humour-deficiency. By way of a remedy, a friend persuaded me to go and see the much-vaunted follow-up to number (3). I decided to go alone and resolved to keep an open mind.

Alas, it didn't work. I got the strong impression that the audience was laughing not because the thing was funny, but because the "comedy" was blessed relief from the dull, violent crud they were watching. There was also a clear element of the emperor's new clothes about the "mirth", too.

But never mind --- we've come such a long way since then...

Fabian Tassano said...

"We've come such a long way since then."

We have?

Paul said...

No, we haven't. The Blogger software doesn't process the < sarcasm > tag properly.