19 June 2007

All, including me, shall have prizes

The 2007 Blogpower Awards

I seem to have come 6th in the "Most Articulate Wordsmith" category, and 4th equal in "Best Layout and Style". Thanks if you voted for this blog. And thanks to James Higham and the Blogpower team for organising the awards.

I narrowly missed the top 10 for "Best British Blog" (getting the same position as Bryan Appleyard, which doesn't seem too shabby). I'm surprised this site was even nominated for that category (thanks to those who did) given it barely qualifies as a "blog" in the traditional sense — it's not particularly newsy, or up-to-the-minute, or personal. And my feelings about having a comment function are mixed. (No offence.) I don't even have a proper, swinging blogroll ...

Top gong went to An Englishman's Castle. The winner of "Best North American blog" was the consistently tongue-in-cheekly hilarious Jon Swift. Do check them out if you haven't already.


Tom Paine said...

Shall we see you at the awards ceremony?

Fabian Tassano said...

The virtual one? My avatar will try to make it, technology permitting.