15 June 2007

Oh no, logo

"The most unpopular logo in British history" - David Smith, The Observer

"A puerile mess, an artistic flop and a commercial scandal" - Stephen Bayley, Design Museum

"Vicar on a motorbike syndrome" - Ian Jack, The Guardian

"Variously compared to a broken swastika, a smashed window, and two characters from The Simpsons engaging in a sexual act. ... 22 epileptics experienced seizures after watching an animated version of the logo; another viewer vomited at the very sight" - The Week

Why use many words, when one word (beginning with the letter M) will do?


Anonymous said...

You know, it's kind of like an atomic bomb exploding. Does anyone else see that mushroom cloud? Or is it someone with cerebral palsy trying to dance?

james higham said...

Yes, I think that just about sums it up.