17 June 2007

Unpublished mediocracy definition #3

Observer leader:

Some of the richest businessmen in Britain pay less tax than the people who clean their offices.
Via Tim Worstall, who points out the mistake. Plain idiocy or motivated propaganda? I suspect the latter.

The ideology is already well established in most people's minds that:
  • it is not enough if someone earning more merely pays more tax;
  • it is in fact "unfair" if someone earning £40K pays less than double the tax of someone earning £20K;
  • indeed (many now seem to assume) it is "unfair" unless he or she is paying more than double the tax.

  • So why not just skip the underlying logic, and make the linguistic transition, so that "pay more tax" is shorthand for "pay a higher rate of tax"? Makes it so much easier for all concerned to remember the ideologically correct way to think about the issue ...

    1 comment:

    Roger Thornhill said...

    This can be interpreted as:

    "If you have more, I want more of it than you"

    Communist, redistributive poison.