21 July 2007

Purple climate change

The new album from the Purple One turns out to be rather good. I'm glad it was bundled with the Mail on Sunday, as otherwise it's unlikely I would have heard it. I found Prince a bit of a curate's egg even at his peak, and had got the impression that he had gone well orf by now.

There is a lot of borrowing of genres (U2, triphop, Miles Davis, even Kylie Minogue) but P. does it all in his inimitable light-touched CrazySexyCool style. Four stars.

Track 1 is about global warming. The lyrics are full of leftist ideology, of course. Nevertheless, I quite liked these lines:

Imagine you could rid the Earth
Of anyone you choose
Which ones would you need the most
And which ones would you lose?

Do we want to judge another
Lest we be judged too?
Careful now ... The next one might be you
Bush-haters and other il-liberals of that ilk, take note.

"I love you baby, but not like I love my guitar."

1 comment:

The Prince of Truth said...

bush-haters? there's plenty of reason to be a bush-hater, he's just a puppet of Zionism and Freemasonry (Skull and Bones) where freaky rituals are enacted to takeover the world, and they trust such officials