01 October 2007

Quotes of the week

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There is no counting the doctorates in the subject of education that have been awarded to those who have done nothing more than tabulate the answers to questionnaires. That such degrees are so common, however, is not only because the work is easy (bad enough) but also because the supposed objects of study often cannot be known directly. When they can, they are obviously trivial.
- Richard Mitchell, the 'Underground Grammarian' *

The amount of red tape has increased dramatically in the past few years and legislation has become a lot more complicated. The government is always going on about how important enterprise is to this country but the rules and regulations that appear constantly are made by people in government who have never run a business in their life.
- Rachel Bridge, founder of redtaperants.co.uk

Out of the Top 20 [UK political blogs], fourteen are on the right and only two are on the left.
- Iain Dale

When blogging is often a symptom of marginalisation, is that anything to be proud of?

* h/t The Pungeoning