21 April 2017

spellcheck #2

Like the last one, it’s wrong apostrophes.
This time we are looking at a web article and its typographical flaws.
It’s only the web, but it’s the NME.
Essential reading, when I was a teenager.
And weren’t its hallowed halls where Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill started their careers?
If the web is to become Newspapers 2.0, its attention to detail needs to improve.

[Bob Dylan’s] fifth album caused shockwaves that were to be felt long after it’s 1965 release ...

[re Neil Young’s Harvest:] it’s huge sales gave him the freedom to do what he wanted ...
(Emphasis mine.)
Incidentally, re the NME: its list of the top 500 albums seems a good deal sounder than Rolling Stone’s. But The Smiths at number one?
The group’s sound was peerless at the time, but I fear its brand of melancholia has not aged well.
It’s just my opinion against the NME’s, but its top spot seems more suited to the late Mr Jones.