07 July 2017

Book reviews

The modern world is geared to the large. Despite the theory of the long tail, small organisations in practice have numerous problems trying to get themselves heard. Take our books. Nielsen holds the central register for UK book publishers. A couple of years ago they migrated their system but didn’t bother to inform us. At least, we never received an email to that effect. The first thing we knew of it was when we tried to log in and discovered they had moved, and we were no longer listed.

There was then a rigmarole about getting re-registered, though the staff involved at that stage were friendly and helpful.

Then it emerged that, presumably because of our temporary disappearance from the publishing register, Amazon had apparently misplaced the reviews attached to some of Celia Green’s books. So now there are only one or two per book for the currently available versions. A number of well-written reviews seem to have got lost.

It would be nice if fans of Dr Green’s books, who want to give her a boost, post a review or two on Amazon. Here are the links to the Amazon UK pages for her three classic philosophical books:

The Human Evasion

The Decline and Fall of Science

Advice to Clever Children

Amazon US, incidentally, has some good reviews of Letters from Exile, here.