01 February 2019

democracy in America

Something seems to have gone seriously wrong with the political process in America. Half the country voted for Donald Trump. The other half appears to spend much of its time pouring vitriol on the man.

The Washington Post is devoting resources to keeping a "fact checker" on Mr Trump. Apparently he has made 8158 "false or misleading claims" since entering office. The metric for this is not made clear — no comparison is given with previous Presidents — rendering the number more of a propaganda than an informational device.

I regularly come across US-sourced narratives alleging "authoritarianism" and "anti-democratic" in relation to their current regime, but with little in the way of convincing evidence to back it up. The term hysteria to describe some of what has been written, including on mainstream outlets, would not be inappropriate.

Many of the narratives piously condemn "hatred", but most of the hatred I encounter is hatred towards their own President, and towards those who support him.