04 October 2019


Modern Conservatives use language in peculiar ways.
   Apparently, it is "toxic" to draw attention to facts which the educational profession wishes to suppress or misrepresent.
   On the other hand, it is apparently not toxic to suppress or misrepresent facts relating to Britain's possible departure from the EU.
   According to the Sun's Trevor Kavanagh, former Chancellor George Osborne justified Project Fear by arguing that "all's fair in love and war".
   It's remarkable that the Conservative government has had the gall to try and introduce legislation against supposed "disinformation" on the internet, if Conservatives are themselves guilty of attempts to manipulate voters by means of deliberate deception.
   The internet has many negative as well as positive aspects, but it has been practically the only significant source of dissenting ideas over the past twenty years — because of its openness, and because it has not yet come under the control of the il-liberal elite.
   If it wasn't for the internet, Britain would probably already be being run by politicians who uncritically accept the Marxism-inspired ideology served up to them by their college tutors. And we would no doubt have advanced even further along the road of outlawing any critique of the ideology.
   As it is, we have had a small degree of pushback. Given the reaction of media, academia and the courts, one wonders how long even that can last.