10 April 2020

light entertainment

Some products that may help to relieve cabin fever. Nothing too dark.
The King's Watch series by Mark Hayden. The description "Harry Potter for adults" has been used before, but this seems like the real deal. Clever, densely plotted, and very very British. The hero is a man's man but most of the other characters are feisty women.
For murder mysteries with relatively little gore, try Faith Martin's Jenny Starling series.
Under the Silver Lake, a 2018 American noir comedy starring British-American actor Andrew Garfield. Seems to perfectly evoke the spirit of trendy central LA. Bizarre but stylish, with more than a hint of David Lynch.
For romantics: the 2000 Hong Kong classic In the Mood for Love, featuring the iconic Maggie Cheung. A bittersweet portrayal of love in another era.
Violin: Individualistic rendition of the Bach concertos by Japanese violinist Shunske Sato. Fizzing with oomph and flair.
Opera: Having nominated Kathleen Battle for position of most mellifluous voice, I propose as second candidate British soprano Lucy Crowe. This album of Handel arias provides a perfect showcase for her talents.